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Hygiene measures.

Following the current health recommendations, our experts scrupulously follow the required safety instructions.


EXPERTYM takes the current health situation very seriously.

Our experts have received instructions in order to secure our interventions. 

  1. We wish to have as little contact as possible with our clients. 
  2. It is preferable for our experts to be alone when possible (inventory of fixtures: at the entrance, before work, evaluations, ...). 
  3. For other missions, for which the presence of the parties is required, our experts will remind you of the safety instructions to be respected.

As a reminder :

  1. Avoid holding hands, kissing or hugging when you greet someone.
  2. Pay attention to risk groups (people over 65 years old, diabetics, people suffering from heart, lung or kidney disease, immunosuppressed people, ...).
  3. Children do not get seriously ill from coronavirus, but can easily spread it. Contact between children and the elderly is therefore not recommended.
  4. Try to keep your distance in crowded areas.
  5. Avoid contact with visibly ill people or keep a safe distance.

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